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2023 Operational Expenses

2023 Operational Expenses
  • Location: Euless, TX
  • Deadline: Jun 30, 2023
  • Status: Current
  • Goal: $12,628.65
  • Raised: $0.00
  • Project Manager: Evan Islam

All organizations need funds to run their oprations... So do we. We have some aggressive goals to achieve and to do so, we need funds to continue our operation. Please help us by donating to our yearly expenses. 

Here is the budget breakdown for 2023:


Item Yearly
BD Salary $4,513.98
Local Office Rent $1,354.84
BD Branding Material $100.00
Shapla Foundation Library $100.00
Activity Program Expenses $290.70
BD Company Formation $1,000.00
Marketing Collateral $700.00
Fobana Booth $1,000.00
Fobana Travel Expense $1,000.00
Other Shows $1,000.00
Other Travel Expense $1,000.00
CPA/Legal USA $300.00
Misc $500.00
2023 Total Expense $12,628.65

If you are a corporate donor, we will highlight your business (logo) on this page. 


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